Hi everyone! Welcome to my new website, Tara Dattoli’s Creations. After much thought, I decided to change my brand from Tara Abbott Studio, to Tara Dattoli’s Creations, still the same Tara, only reinvented. I have decided to add a blog this time, to share my thoughts and opinions and the ‘going’s on’, in my life. The idea behind the website is to showcase my artwork as a fine artist, and as an upcoming illustrator (currently a student in college). Please feel free to go through my ‘about me’ page, my ‘novels’ link (I wrote a fantasy novel when I was 15, and after lengthy editing, I finally published it in 2016), my commissions page, as well as my contact and social media links.

Thanks for reading my first post, and I hope to see you in the future~


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