Upcoming Event BPL Comic Fest 2022!

Hi everyone, I will be attending Barrie Public Library’s Comic Fest event on September 24th at 10am until 3pm. Please join me as I will be selling prints of my artwork, buttons, and perler bead sprites. This is a family-friendly, fun event, and I hope to see you there. Here is the link to theContinue reading “Upcoming Event BPL Comic Fest 2022!”


Hi everyone, Just hoping to update you since I haven’t posted any new pages of my graphic novel recently. I’ve recently moved with my husband from one city to another, and I’m near the end of my Cartooning and Illustration program, which I will complete in December. I thank you all for your patience, andContinue reading “Update”

Princess Rose and the Firefly Lamp is now LIVE!

The first 4 pages of my first webcomic Princess Rose and the Firefly Lamp is now live! It can be found under the Webcomics tab and double-click on the first page to zoom in! Look below for some concept art! I will be publishing a new page once a month and it will always beContinue reading “Princess Rose and the Firefly Lamp is now LIVE!”

Upcoming Projects

Hi everyone, I decided to make a list of my upcoming projects. They will be uploaded onto my website over time, and will be worked on in-between my illustration classes and my library job. I will provide updates as to my progress via my blog posts. I hope you enjoy them, and become a regularContinue reading “Upcoming Projects”


Hi everyone! Welcome to my new website, Tara Dattoli’s Creations. After much thought, I decided to change my brand from Tara Abbott Studio, to Tara Dattoli’s Creations, still the same Tara, only reinvented. I have decided to add a blog this time, to share my thoughts and opinions and the ‘going’s on’, in my life.Continue reading “Introduction”