Princess Rose and the Firefly Lamp

Written and illustrated by: Brittany Tara Dattoli

Princess Rose and the Firefly Lamp is a story about a young princess who comes from a magical kingdom deep in the woods. This kingdom, known as Emerelda, is a place of magic, created by the fairies long ago. In this kingdom there lived two types of beings, one was the plants, and the other was the animals, both lived in harmony during the time of the fairies. One day, after a wave of giants attacked, the fairies used the last of their magic to protect Emerelda and disappeared forever. With the fairies gone, the plant people took command of the kingdom, and banished the animal folk due to their differences.

Though despite their strict laws, one animal folk remained, Willow, a deer handmaiden to Princess Rose. The handmaiden and the princess share such a strong bond, that it would take a shocking proposal, and pressure from the princess’ family, to tear them apart. Rose takes fate into her own hands, and forces herself to flee into a dangerous world for the sake of her freedom. Can Rose discover her true destiny? Will Rose reunite with Willow, and if so, at what cost? Follow the story every month and read the exciting adventures of Princess Rose!

Rated: YA (Young-Adult)

Do not reproduce, make financial benefit from, or claim as your own. All Rights Reserved.

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